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Powerful & Reliable Web-Based Document Tracking

Document Tracking Services (DTS) is a web-based application that allows school districts to streamline how they complete and update a wide array of school and district-level reports.

Our web-based application completely eliminates faxing documents; provides more flexibility to staff work schedules (clients can access from anywhere) and provides 100% accountability in tracking their documents/reports.

DTS is a cost effective web-based application that will guarantee you savings on an on-going basis.

Some Key Features

  • Pre-population of all data needed in any report
  • Data carryover from year to year, minimizing and streamlining annual updates
  • Full report customization
  • Districts/schools can use application for up to five separate reports
  • Complete document history/restoration
  • Multiple user logins per location
  • Low annual fee
  • Translation services available upon request
Bully Reporting System

DTS provides an anonymous student-level Bully Reporting System (bDTS) to enable safely reporting bullying incidents. More...

What Clients are Saying

"We surely get our money’s worth from Doc-Tracking! Customer service is Doc-Tracking’s first priority! They allow us the opportunity to tailor the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and School Accountability Report Card (SARC)..."

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