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Sincerely, my thanks to you and your team!! My plate is typically way over full and with that I am deeply appreciative of the support that I have received from DTS. You all truly make those portions of my job much easier and stress free!!!

- Carol Voris, Dublin USD

Document Tracking Service has custom designed several templates for our district over the past four years. These web-based templates provide easy access for school principals and Title I school staff to access their Title I budget updates on a daily basis. The flexibility to provide edit access to people which need to input data while allowing other stakeholders to keep abreast of the changes with a view only access has proven to be a great benefit in the management of Title I funds at each school site. DTS provides excellent customer service and their response time is quick and efficient! DTS keeps our office operating efficiently and I would highly recommend their services!

- Teresa Donahue, Lawton Public Schools

As the State (Texas) provides more specific guidance on how to develop and write the Campus Improvement Plan, I needed a format in which our principals could focus on the process and content, not the format. In the past, it seems as if we spent equal parts of time getting our template to meet the demands of the components required by the state and our district. That is until I came across Document Tracking Services worked in conjunction with our district staff to create an easy-to-use format centered on our district’s method of campus improvement planning. They didn’t provide our district with a one-size-fits-all model; they created a unique, custom-made document that met our specific needs. The online document allowed our administrators to focus on the plan itself instead of plodding through a laborious template. With the online template created by doc-tracking, our district has been able to have a [true] living, breathing document, which is how it is supposed to be.

- Chris Shade, Denton ISD

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD is the third largest district in Texas with over one hundred thousand students. With over 80 campuses, we needed an easy and succinct way to enable the campuses to create, modify, and view their Campus Improvement Plans. Document Tracking has provided us with that service and more! The Document Tracking website is easy to use. Our principals have really enjoyed being able to modify their CIP with such ease!

The Document Tracking staff is wonderful! They worked with us to design our templates and create/update the Campus Improvement Plans. They were always available to meet our needs in a timely, courteous, and professional manner.

We would recommend Document Tracking Services as a great option to assist with the creation/update of Campus Improvement Plans.

- Rayyan Amine, Ph.D., Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

"As a small district, it's very important for the staff at Lowell Joint SD to make the most of the resources we are provided. When it comes to accountability reporting, DTS has made this possible. Our schools use DTS to update their SPSA, SARC and SARC Executive Summaries. Our District staff uses DTS to update the LEA plan. DTS's pricing is amazing and their customer service is unbeatable. Their online software is simple, easy to use and really flexible. They have always been very attentive to our requests and made sure our templates were customized to fit our needs."

"In these difficult times, it is nice to have a partner like DTS. Please take the time to see what DTS can do for your school district."

- Reneé Verbeck, Lowell Joint School District

"Rowland USD has worked with DTS since 2007. Before making the switch to DTS, updating SPSA and SARCs was a challenge, to say the least. Our schools had difficulty working with MS Word templates and our district staff had difficulty coordinating the entire effort. Now that our templates are in DTS, we work with their staff to update our templates once, not 24 times. Their online application is available to our administrators 24/7 and is so easy to use! Our SARCs look professional and are posted on time. DTS even provides SARC reports for our Spanish, Chinese and Korean speaking community. Using DTS to update all our accountability reports, instead of multiple companies, has also saved out Rowland USD a huge amount of money.

This is a user-friendly program for even the most inexperienced person, and the technicians are always available to assist with questions and work quickly and effeciently with the school staff as well as the district personnel. I would highly recommend that districts take a serious look at what DTS has to offer!"

- Jeane Carse, Rowland Unified School District

"Visalia USD has been working with DTS to update their SARCs (English and Spanish), SPSA and Safety Plans for more than two years. Our experience has been very positive as DTS has made the cumbersome process of updating these documents much easier. DTS populates all of the CDE data in our documents and information rolls over from year to year, allowing our administrators to concentrate on performance and goals, instead of formatting and data collection. DTS is only a phone call away and answers all of your questions in a timely and efficient manner. DTS is knowledgeable in understanding the state expectations and requirements for each plan districts and sites are required to complete.

Districts looking for an easier way to complete and update their school-level plans, I would recommend DTS as your 'one-stop shop'."

- Dina L. Loveall, Visalia USD

"Chula Vista Elementary School District consists of 44 schools. Before contracting DTS, preparing SARCs was a tedious and time-consuming process. With the help of DTS, we are able to post all SARCs before the deadline and the process is easy! We no longer have to spend hours copying and pasting information and text. Principals are also very pleased with how simple it is to update the information.

The staff at DTS is always courteous and professional, and answers our questions and requests in a timely manner.

Working with DTS has been a very cost-effective alternative to the in-house process we had followed for years and our SARCs look much nicer! I would recommend that all districts explore how DTS can help them."

- Sandra Villegas-Zúñiga, Chula Vista ESD

"Document Tracking Services provides easy site access when updating our SARCs, SPSA and Safety Plans. When we needed Spanish translations of our SARCs, they responded quickly, efficiently and accurately. We especially appreciate DTS's devotion to customer service. I would encourage every District to consider using DTS to streamline the updates of their school-level reports."

- Karla Bertran, Lawndale Elementary School District

"Anaheim UHSD has worked with DTS to update our plans for the last three years. During that time, DTS has done an outstanding job of being attentive and responsive to all of our requests. The friendly staff has always gone out of their way to ensure that our needs are taken care of in a fast, efficient and professional manner. The online application is also very easy to use and saves our District and school-level staff a huge amount of time. I would recommend DTS to any school district insterested in saving their staff time and money in updating mandated plans."

- Judy Bright, Anaheim Union High School District

"Ceres USD has worked with DTS for over 2 years to update reports like the SPSA and SARCs in English and Spanish. Administrators have found the user interface very easy and features like data pre-population and carry-over make updating our plans easier and easier each year. Having the data fields automatically updated allows sites to focus on reviewing the narratives and other content. With the plans broken in to sections, district level administration is able to assist all the schools in building the SARCS and SPSA. The pricing is also unbeatable and worth every cent!

For any school district that finds using word documents or expensive software cumbersome and impractical, I would highly encourage you to take a serious look at what DTS has to offer."

- Rick Hall, Ceres Unified School District

"The products and services offered by Document Tracking Services (DTS) are nothing less than outstanding. With the majority of data pre-populated--the SARC templates are very user friendly. Our principals were quite pleased with how easy it was to update their sections.

As the SARC coordinator, I was very impressed with the quality of DTS support. They were always there when I needed them and quickly resolved any problems. Once the SARCs were finished the turnaround was quick and the layout very readable.

Before contracting with DTS, the SARC process was laborious and laden with technical glitches. For any district looking for a way to streamline SARC preparation--DTS is your solution."

- Steve Harris, ABC Unified School District

"I have been very pleased to work with DTS this year. They have helped us streamline our SARC process. With their system, we can have our human resources office entering personnel data, at the same time that the business office is entering financial data, and the maintenance, operations and transportation office is entering facilities data. Some principals were able to spend as little as 30 minutes updating their SARCs from the prior year, because so many different players were able to assist by entering data from a variety of sources. In previous years, a tremendous effort was spent producing the SARCS, but this year each person just did their small part and the process was smooth and done with ease. I mostly appreciated the excellent, responsive service from the DTS team - always a pleasure and always very helpful!"

- Soleste Hilberg, Newark Unified School District

"Using Document Tracking Services saved our district money and made the SARC and SPSA process easier! The web-based templates made it possible for principals and staff to enter information quickly and easily, saving many hours previously spent on collecting and entering information. The DTS staff made the transition extremely easy by answering every question promptly, cheerfully and professionally. Document Tracking Service's outstanding customer service shows how much they value their clients -- we definitely noticed, and appreciate it!"

- Naomi Hunter, Redwood City Elementary School District

"In addition to supplying an easy to use template for our SARCs, Document Tracking Services developed a template for our Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) Updates that administrators from each site could access and complete online. The staff at DTS had a lot of patience with us as we continued to request changes in format and additional features to make the completion of the SPSAs as seamless as possible. When our SPSAs were complete, the staff at DTS converted them into very attractive PDF versions - and again exhibited patience and excellent customer service when we asked them to reconvert the PDF versions back into a format so that our principals could make additional revisions! The work of the DTS staff was always of very high quality, our interactions were always positive, and the turn-around time was amazingly fast. Working with DTS has made writing the SPSA updates a much more positive process!"

- Liz Wolfe, Redwood City Elementary School District

"We appreciate the ease of working with Document Tracking Services' personnel, as well as their technology. The option they provide of pre-populating templates with information which has been supplied to them, is very important. This decreases the amount of time that District staff and administrators must spend on individual SARCS. Their customer service, as well as their end product is exactly what our District and schools need."

- Danette Heinlein, Borrego Springs Unified School District

"I have found Document Tracking Services to be a very powerful resource. The time that we previously spent formatting and gathering data has been eliminated. This is a program that saves time for administrators and at the same time meets all compliance regulations in a timely fashion with excellent quality. I highly recommend them to you."

- Rami Muth, Martinez Unified

"Document Tracking Services has been a wonderful asset to us. By moving our School Accountability Report Cards to DTS, we were able to save the district quite a bit of money and get an excellent product! We will next be completing our school plans through their site, which will really simplify the process - schools can easily keep track of updated sections, and can access their documents from anywhere they have access to the Internet. A real advantage! The greatest draw for us to expand our use of Document Tracking Services, however, is the way they take care us. Every single need we have, big or small, is met with a professional attitude and is completed in a timely manner. I cannot speak highly enough of their professionalism and customer service, as it is rare these days to find such a great combination of knowledge and caring. We are very thankful for the great partnership we have!"

- Philip Pierschbacher, Tulare City School District

"We were very pleased and excited with the services and support provided by Document Tracking Services. Principals are still commenting on the ease of the development of both their site plans and SARCS. We are looking forward to being able to build on and simply update our Site Plans and SARCs from the data we entered this year. Thank you Document Tracking Services for taking a daunting, time consuming task and making it "user friendly"."

- Bonnie L. Smith, Kings Canyon Unified School District

"Schools and districts have many choices now when it comes to SARC preparation. Services vary widely in terms of the type of assistance offered, cost, and ease of use. In our second year with Document Tracking Services, we have found that they offer a very competitive "product" in all these areas. We particularly appreciate the user-friendly website and the kind, helpful, responsive staff."

- Anne Evans, Placer Union High School District

"Document Tracking Services provides world-class service and a user-friendly web-based format for the development of Single Plans for School Achievement and School Accountability Report Cards. Our principals quickly learned how to use the online templates; and they were ecstatic when they found data had already been preloaded into tables, eliminating many hours of work for busy site administrators. District administrators were able to log on to school DTS accounts and help principals while they worked on these important documents. The staff at DTS is phenomenal. They are friendly, efficient, responsive, and professional. They have exceeded our expectations in every way!"

- Sharon Cordes and Kathie Nielsen, Tustin Unified School District

"The Brea Olinda Unified School District is very pleased with the ease of use of Document Tracking Services. We use DTS for both our Single School Plans and School Accountability Report Cards. We are in our second year of using this service and our principals love how the data transfers from the prior year in order to easily update what is essential. We have found this to be the most cost effective and user friendly way to keep our important documents current. We appreciate the professionalism and quick responses we get from everyone we interact with at DTS."

- Christine Olmstead, Brea Olinda Unified School District

"Document Tracking Services provided exemplary customer service. All the employees were very quick to respond to our requests and questions. Those of us who worked on the Single Plan for Student Achievement found everyone was knowledgeable about the requirements and the web-based program. The administrators commented on how easy the template was to use."

- Joan Moorman, Covina-Valley Unified School District

"I have just completed the School Accountability Report Cards for our district using the web-based template offered by Document Tracking Services. This was the easiest completion of the SARCs in my ten-plus years of coordinating their preparation. The folks at DTS were wonderful in answering my questions (which were few, because the site is very user-friendly) and very prompt with their responses. I am looking forward to a more efficient preparation of the SARCs for the next school year."

- Lynn Eads, Paradise USD

"We printed all of our site plans and I want to tell you that I am very pleased with what you were able to accomplish for us. What a relief! A lot of work went into these and we now have something to build on. They're on-line, the principals now have experience with editing, adding and improving the content. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again."

- Sylvia Hill, Sanger USD

"I appreciate Document Tracking Services' commitment to customer service. They are always quick to respond to our needs. Their web-based template has saved our administrators so much time. It has also assisted our administrative team in working together on our Plans so that we can focus on bringing some consistency to how we analyze our current program and practices."

- Jim Elsasser, Los Alamitos Unified School District

"DTS worked very closely with our District staff and School Program Specialists to ensure that our SPSA looked great. They always responded quickly and professionally! The application has brought consistency to our Single Plans for Student Achievement and made the process of updating the plan much easier."

- Chris Nakamura-Swenson, Merced Union High School District

"Wow! Document Tracking Systems has created a way to make my job a lot easier when dealing with the SARCs in English and Spanish. Also, our Single School Plans are now all standardized across the school district. It's very easy to use the online system. The company provides quick and friendly support. They actually follow through with their promises. The price is right! To set up the system was very easy. The training is easy to understand and implement. Our schools really will enjoy a common system to create, modify and monitor their Single Plan. We are going to add other document like our Student Handbooks. It is my pleasure to recommend Document Tracking Services."

- Raul Maldonado, Palmdale School District

"We surely get our money's worth from Doc-Tracking! Customer service is Doc-Tracking's first priority! They allow us the opportunity to tailor the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and School Accountability Report Card (SARC) to our District's specific needs. Having all of the documents in one place is a huge benefit for District administration during the school year. At the end of last year we surveyed our principals on the use of the Doc-Tracking System. A few of the comments were: We love being able to access Doc-Tracking from home. Having information role over from year to year is great. Data can be dropped into Doc-Tracking at all times during the year. It is definitely a breathing document. We highly recommend DTS!"

- Karen Eccles, Poway USD

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Newport-Mesa Unified now has extraordinary Single Plans for Student Achievement because we have a wonderful partnership with the extraordinary folks at Document Tracking Services. DTS has been responsive to our needs, supplied fabulous training and guided us in the fine art of best practice. Our principals are very happy with the support this new 'tool' provides them and we, at the district level, are delighted with the overview options that the system gives us. DTS is reasonable, responsive and reliable..altogether an extraordinary company."

- Bonnie Swann, Director, Newport-Mesa USD

"Document Tracking Services has changed the way that Albany Unified creates, track and manages our School Accountability Report Cards and Single Plans. Prior to using Document Tracking Services, it was very difficult to keep our site principals progressing through the required documents. All too often, the documents would appear in the District office the day before they were due to be Board Approved. Many times there were errors and omissions that would have to be corrected after the fact. We are now able to monitor site progress from our computer screen. We can have very interactive conversations with our principals throughout the process. The final version is delivered to us in a PDF format and easy to up load onto our website. It looks very professional. Working with Document Tracking Services has been very pleasant. They are very responsive to our needs. This year we will be adding our School Safety Plans as part of Document Tracking Services."

- Marla Stephenson, Albany City USD

"I had always envisioned the SPSA as a living and breathing document. Instead, it typically became outdated and buried shortly after it had been written. Through the support of Doc-Tracking, it is easier to make modifications to the SPSA and communicate these changes to others. And, without question, the support service my school has received is extraordinary."

- Debbie Schroeder, Principal, Anaheim City School District

"Prior to working with DTS our process for updating the SARC and SPSA was cumbersome for me and frustrating for school sites. When looking for a better solution, DTS addressed all of our needs: rolling data over from one year to the next, pre-populating data fields, and providing a single location to work on these documents. In addition to these features, the customer service has been outstanding; DTS has been extremely responsive to us and has created a customized solution to meet our needs. We could not be happier with the services DTS provides."

- Kim Crissey, West Covina USD

"Document Tracking Services has been a wonderful company to work with in setting up both our SARC's and SPSA's. The staff is very professional and always available to assist with any support we've requested. They listened to our specific needs and responded with a product that was able to satisfy all our schools. We are extremely satisfied with the pleasant, professional staff and the ease of this program. "

- Suzanne Banks, Westside Union ESD

"We love the application and it's so great to work with you; feel free to use our names as an endorsement of your service. We really appreciate all you have done for us. The principals are excited to get in and start working on their plans--now that is a first! DTS has made Paula and my job so much easier this year. The ability for DTS to handle all the CDE data is a blessing to my over worked staff."

- Debbie DeGanna, Lodi USD

"Outstanding service, never pressured and great follow-up."

- Terry Weatherby, Mountain View ESD

"DTS is very easy to use and I love the new feature with the narratives - it has been great when I have had to work on the Spanish SARCs."

- Maria Alvarado, Delhi USD

"DTS has quick service, is reliable and they do the job they say they are going to do."

- Kathy Niederfrank, American Union ESD

"Working with Paula and Aaron was a truly wonderful experience. They worked closely with me to create personalized SARCS for Antioch Unified School District. They definitely get the job done in a professional and timely manner."

- Denise DeMartini, Antioch USD

"This was my first year doing SARCs, and I was thrilled with how easy DTS made it for me. They have a very friendly staff who walked me through the process each step of the way. And, they were always there to answer my questions. DTS makes the process of doing SARCs rather painless!"

- Melanie Norton, Temecula Valley USD

"We began using the online Single Plan for Student Achievement template this past year. It has been a huge success in our district. We customized it to meet our district's model for school improvement. The staff at DTS were extremely helpful in making the product fit our needs in our district. Principals truly appreciated the data being merged into the document. It saved them large amounts of time and energy inputting everything manually. We are looking forward to using this product again this year."

- John M. Nelson III, Chula Vista ESD

"Our experience with Document Tracking Services has been extremely positive and worthwhile. School site personnel who work on the school plan are very pleased with having the template up on the DTS website. They've told us that it's much easier to edit the plan and navigate through the various sections. As a district-level staff member, I appreciate being able to review all of the site plans so readily and provide immediate feedback to sites as they revise their school plans.

Working with DTS has also been a very positive experience. The level of customer service is outstanding, and DTS staff are always available to help us at both the district and school site levels. We're looking forward to continuing with DTS for other document needs."

- JoLynn Loomis, Riverside USD

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