Annual Update

The planned goals, expected outcomes, actions/services, and budgeted expenditures must be copied verbatim from the previous year’s approved LCAP; in addition, list the state and/or local priorities addressed by the planned goals. Minor typographical errors may be corrected.

Annual Measurable Outcomes

For each goal in the prior year, identify and review the actual measurable outcomes as compared to the expected annual measurable outcomes identified in the prior year for the goal.


Identify the planned Actions/Services and the budgeted expenditures to implement these actions toward achieving the described goal. Identify the actual actions/services implemented to meet the described goal and the estimated actual annual expenditures to implement the actions/services. As applicable, identify any changes to the students or student groups served, or to the planned location of the actions/services provided.


Using actual annual measurable outcome data, including data from the California School Dashboard, analyze whether the planned actions/services were effective in achieving the goal. Respond to the prompts as instructed.

·         Describe the overall implementation of the actions/services to achieve the articulated goal. Include a discussion of relevant challenges and successes experienced with the implementation process.

·         Describe the overall effectiveness of the actions/services to achieve the articulated goal as measured by the LEA.

·         Explain material differences between Budgeted Expenditures and Estimated Actual Expenditures. Minor variances in expenditures or a dollar-for-dollar accounting is not required.

·         Reflecting upon the progress of this goal and an analysis of the data provided in the California School Dashboard, describe the relationship of this goal and related metrics and actions with the development of new goals in the 2020–23 LCAP, as applicable.