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School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

All schools are required to develop a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) with input from all stakeholders. Each school plan includes measurable goals that align with the district Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). These plans are to be approved each year by the School Site Council at each site and by the local Board of Education.


Schools participated in data analysis sessions to review and revise their goals. Specific goals were set for the following areas to align with the district's LCAP:


        Provide an educational environment that is conducive to learning.

        Increase the academic achievement of all students through challenging and engaging instruction.

        Implement strategies to involve students in their learning and interventions to eliminate barriers to success.

        Establish partners with our families and community to increase academic success for all students.


Strategies and actions to help meet the goals and specific funding sources to support these actions were identified and included in the plan. All progress made toward the goals is summarized at the end of each section. Additional review and analysis is conducted during the school year.



Elementary School

Junior High Schools

High Schools

Grade 7-12 School

Ardenwood Elementary School

Azevada Elementary School

Blacow Elementary School

Brier Elementary School

Brookvale Elementary School

Cabrillo Elementary School

Chadbourne Elementary School

Durham Elementary School

Forest Park Elementary School

Glenmoor Elementary School

Gomes Elementary School

Green Elementary School

Grimmer Elementary School

Hirsch Elementary School

Leitch Elementary School

Maloney Elementary School

Mattos Elementary School

Millard Elementary School

Mission San Jose Elementary School

Mission Valley Elementary School

Niles Elementary School

Oliveira Elementary School

Parkmont Elementary School

Patterson Elementary School

Vallejo Mill Elementary School

Warm Springs Elementary School

Warwick Elementary School

Weibel Elementary School


Centerville Junior High School

Hopkins Junior High School

Horner Middle School

Thornton Junior High School

Walters Middle School


American High School

Irvington High School

Kennedy High School

Mission San Jose High School

Robertson Continuation High School

Washington High School


Vista Alternative School

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